System Integration

The SeaDarQ has been used throughout the world in different configurations. It can be operated from a ship, a platform or an elevated coastal site. It is possible to integrate the system with external equipment such as: ADCPs, current profilers, infrared sensors and cameras. In addition, SeaDarQ provides a tool to store and analyze gathered data and produce the reports.

SeaDarQ on the radar tower in RotterdamMobile SeaDarQ


The most common installation is performed on the vessel. The SeaDarQ hardware is placed next to ship's navigational radar display on the bridge and the radar's antenna high upmast. The software is displayed on separate monitor, which gives an operator possibility to compare the raw radar image with the filtered version by SeaDarQ.




 The stationary system based in ports and harbours conducts continous monitoring over the coastal area. The SeaDarQ software connected to VTS radar constantly sends data about the currents and waves to the pilots. In case of an oil spill, capability of SeaDarQ to detect spill from 5 l of oil, allows quick response and minimum damage to the environment.





 The mobile system placed on the fingercrane, which can be moved easily from one location to another is a perfect solution for a temporary installation. It has been used for tests, as well as the leased trial system.