In order to minimise costs, increase system performance and enhance operational life, SeaDarQ introduced a maintenance scheme.

Signed for one or more years, the agreement includes:

  • assistance on the phone or email with all operational and software problems;

  • assistance on site;

  • free updates of new software versions.

The platform carrying faulty equipment should be available to access by the called on site engineer. Seadarq is responsible for supplying the recent version of the system, which is installed by the vessel's engineer/crew. The user is able to handle fault finding and replace defective equipment not belonging to original seadarq package (monitor, keyboard, mouse).

As an option we offer a Spare Support Service. Seadarq maintains a complete stock of all spare parts for immediate delivery within 5 working days. Spare parts include:

  • PC (motherboard, processor, addi-data card, gage card)

  • RNI

  • Software