System Description

Radar data from a digital X-band radar that images the sea surface with a rotating antenna are processed by SeaDarQ. The software extracts information from the sea clutter. The clutter, which is a radar signal generated by wave reflection, is the result of disturbances of the water surface. These disturbances have different patterns or structures, caused for example, by bottom topography, boundary layers or currents.

The SeaDarQ radar system from Nortek consists of four modules:

 The system is composed of a data acquisition and processing unit which collects and processes radar data real time from a VTS navigation radar. Information from the sea surface is extracted and with a use of different algorithms successfully provides data about oil slicks, currents, waves, ships tracks, water depth, bottom topography, ice and small floating objects. With the SeaDarQ software it is possible to conduct real time, continuous surveillance of the water surface from a ship borne or stationary land based system.

SeaDarQ Scheme

World-wide service, maintenance and installation can be guaranteed. The software is capable of managing all the radar data and combining it with information from other sensors and storing this real time on disc or ram. This creates an opportunity to obtain real time data acquisition from navigation radar, and to measure and process the radar images over time.

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Computer Hardware
The multi-processor computer with high speed digitization boards is a cornerstone in the system performance.