Oil Spill Detection

How to detect oil using radars; advantegous or the SeaDarQ system; examples of automatic spill detection and validation and testing results.

The Nortek SeaDarQ system is an Oil Spill Detection system. Oil Spill Detection is the main function on which we focus and you will see that in your results.

Benefits to the user

  • Oil Spill are detected automatically. The system monitors the sea surface constantly and will give and show a warning when a suspect area is discovered. The alarm will sound when oil is detected.
  • Low false alarm rate. To detect oil is one thing but to get false alarms is annoying. We have gone great length to make sure that we detect oil and do not alarm on shadows behind vessel, shadows behind and natural phenomena at sea and many other causes.
  • The User Interface is clean. Suspect areas and detected spills are shown in color, the rest of the information i in black, white and grey.


Please follow the links below to read and see about Radar Spill Detection, results of Automatic Oil Spill detection and validation and testing documentation.

SeaDarQ Atlantic Warning



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The SeaDarQ software operates on the principle that oil on the water reduces sea surface roughness and attenuates wind-generated waves. This reduces the backscatter intensity from the radar signals which, in turn, appears as dark structures in radar images.