SeaDarQ guards Costa Concordia

Shipwrecked "Costa Concordia" is still rising concerns of an oil spill that could devastate the region's coastline. SeaDarQ installed on board of Italian tug "Tirreno" is currently monitoring area around the wreck.
SeaDarQ guards Costa Concordia

A thin contaminant slick has been observed on the surface, raising concerns of a full-fledged oil spill in the bay.

The threat of contaminating coastline with 500 000 gallons of fuel from the sinking ship has been on everyone's mind since the accident. Within mobilised forces to combat and recover possible oil spill Italian government used recently acquired SeaDarQ system. Constant monitoring and quick reaction in case of spill as small as 5 litres of oil gives a hope for preserving the coastline from the possible pollution from the wreck. 


Costa Concordia