Mar-Limpo 2, first OSRV constructed in Brazil is fitted with SeaDarQ oil spill detection system

Mar-Limpo 2 was built in Brazil's Sao Miguel shipyard in partnership with UK power systems provider Rolls-Royce. The vessel is designed to combat oil spills at sea and is contracted by Petrobras for the coming 8 years. The Mar-Limpo 2 is the first of the series of modern OSRVs built in Brazil with an investment of approximately R $ 71 million and over 70% of local content.

The SeaDarQ is a part of state-of-art oil response equipment fitted on the vessel with a capability of detection of oil slicks with thickness of few microns. The system will detect spills in the range of 2-4 Nm, estimate the affected area and predict the spill trajectory. Integrated with GPS and AIS information SeaDarQ will not only record the exact position of the spill, but also locations of the vessels in the area.

The SeaDarQ radar will also provide Hydrographic information of the conditions around the vessel, such as: wave spectrum, current vectors and water depth. 

The technology behind SeaDarQ was developed in 80’s by TNO research laboratories in the Netherlands and subsequently turned into commercial product. The Nortek-SeaDarQ product is manufactured by Nortek BV in the Netherlands, and is represented  and sold in Brazil by RS do Brasil Ltda in Sao Paulo.

To date, ten SeaDarQ systems have been sold for use on various vessels, or on-shore, in Brazil.