Costa Concordia monitoring

During the refloating of the Costa Concordia and the transfer of the wreck to the Italian port of Genoa the area was carefully observed for oil spills by two SeaDarQ systems.

The once luxerous and giant cruise ship 'Costa Concordia' ran into a rock near the small Italian island Giglio in 2012 and sunk. We already reported shortly after the spill about the SeaDarQ oil spill detection system that was used to safeguard the area for oil spills. Recently the wreck was refloated and transported to the port of Genoa.

During the lifting process and the transport two vessels used our SeaDarQ Oil Spill Detection radar to check for spills.

Shortly after the lifting oil leaked out of the wreck. Using the SeaDarQ system the oil was detected and lateron removed, see radar images beow.


Castalia Costa Concordia  

Picture by our Italian client Castalia SpA, operator the tug "Levoli White" which has a SeaDarQ system on board.

Costa Concordia view

Picture of the wreck after lifting.


Radar Image of the Concordia in its initial position. Radar image of the Costa Concordia after refloat with a spill marked in yellow and zoomed in on the spill on the top left.
Costa Concordia Screen 1
Costa Concordia screen 2 spill