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Nortek SeaDarQ is a radar-based system that automatically monitors the sea surface around your facility, sounding the alarm as soon as a potential oil spill is detected. An invaluable asset and highly reliable, SeaDarQ also carries out its duties unattended, freeing up your personnel for other duties.


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Of course, you are already doing everything you can to prevent a spill from your facility. But if it does happen, you need to know fast.

Any number of recent oil spill incidents around the world show what can happen to the environment, your company’s balance sheet and its reputation when a leak on a platform or FPSO gets out of hand.

Faster alert, faster response

The sooner you know and the better informed you are, the faster you can minimise losses and damage – and the better equipped you will be to handle ensuing enquiries from the relevant authorities, environmental groups and the media.

The Nortek SeaDarQ Oil Spill Detection system makes that happen. SeaDarQ monitors the area of the rig or FPSO 24/7, automatically and unattended, to pick up the first signs of a leak. That means your clean-up operations can be implemented at the earliest opportunity, helping you to minimise the effects of the spill.

The SeaDarQ system will also keep an eye on how the problem develops, providing you with the information you need to direct operations to the densest parts of the oil leak and fight the spill successfully.

Effective and reliable

We have gone to great lengths to reduce false alarms, ensuring that it is oil that SeaDarQ detects, rather than vessel shadows or other maritime phenomena. We know that fewer false readings mean a faster response, if an emergency does arise.  

Best possible outcome

SeaDarQ helps you get the best possible outcome: reducing the spill’s footprint through early action. That means environmental damage is minimised; clean-up costs are lower; and you will be seen to have taken the best possible measures to contain a potential catastrophe.


Learn how SeaDarQ environmental monitoring can add value to your operations. 

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