Vessel Owners

With Nortek’s SeaDarQ oil-spill detection system, owners of platform supply vessels and oil spill recovery vessels can add value by offering robust and reliable environmental monitoring products.



SeaDarQ provides a radar-based early warning system that quickly raises the alarm if it detects oil on the ocean’s surface, identifying the areas where the oil is thickest, and providing information in a format that can easily and rapidly be shared with multiple users online.      

Automatic operation

Crucially, the monitoring and warning system functions automatically, without the need for continuous human supervision. That means crew members are freed up to carry out other tasks. 

It is also designed to keep false alarms to a minimum, accurately recognising oil in the sea, rather than vessel shadows or other maritime phenomena. That ensures a faster response, because any alarm must be treated seriously, and it also enables the crew to work elsewhere on the vessel without interruption from false readings.    

As an option, the system can also obtain current and wave information, both for the surface and along the water column.

Limiting environmental damage

In a competitive business setting, SeaDarQ gives vessel owners an edge over rival providers by offering an invaluable and reliable service that could save huge amounts of time and money, while limiting environmental damage, by catching oil spills early.


Learn how SeaDarQ environmental monitoring can add value to your operations. 

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