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Nortek’s SeaDarQ system is a sophisticated radar-based tool, capable of identifying the pattern of ocean currents and associated seabed changes.   

As a coastal scientist, you need as much information as possible about the structure of currents in the areas in which you work. 

You may need to position monitoring equipment based on the structure of the currents. You may wish to discover more about the rapidly changing bed variations that occur during storms – for example, if readings from your existing bathymetric surveys are too far apart to identify them accurately.

The Nortek SeaDarQ system will help you achieve your objectives, showing currents over a large area with a high spatial resolution. 

Accessible data

SeaDarQ shows currents during a full tidal cycle, as well as during storms, in a detailed and easily understandable manner. You will also be able to see fronts in computer generated animations and changes in the structure of the seabed over time.

To make data handling straightforward, the software can be used with real-time processing and you can post-process your data using an interface to the Matlab computing environment. 


Learn how SeaDarQ environmental monitoring can improve your understanding of the area under study. 

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