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Nortek’s SeaDarQ oil-spill detection system provides invaluable, automated and round-the-clock support for busy harbourmasters and agencies monitoring the coastline.  

For a harbourmaster or government monitoring agency, news of oil spills on the approach to a port, or complaints about oil washed up on the coastline nearby spell trouble. Which vessel was responsible? Was it a deliberate act?

The Nortek SeaDarQ radar-based oil-spill detection system lets you know when a vessel spills oil. And when a spill happens, it makes sure you are the first to know.

SeaDarQ can do more than this for you.

Valuable information on currents

Perhaps captains and pilots are finding navigation into or out of port tricky, because there is inadequate information on strong or variable currents. This might even be a big enough problem to make them consider using a different port instead. 

For these issues, SeaDarQ provides detailed information on currents in the area, which can easily be shared. This makes port access simpler and makes your facility more attractive for vessels to use.


Learn how SeaDarQ environmental monitoring can add value to your operations. 

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