Quality at Nortek

Nortek wants to be the leading supplier within our defined market segments with cutting edge technology and high quality products including eminent service and support.

At Nortek, we always try to find new and creative solutions whenever we embark on a development project. We have never been - and never will be - content to be "just another Doppler company". Instead, we strive to conceive ideas that let you measure new combinations of parameters, cut your costs or simply make your life more pleasant. We pledge to offer products that meet the quality criteria that you expect and deserve.

To achieve this we learn from our customers and value feedback and transparency in our daily work. When we succeed, we bring the world a little step forward, which is what engineers do when they want to make a difference.

True innovation makes a difference

Every Nortek product, manufactured to order based on your specifications, must pass a strict quality control process before it leaves Nortek. This includes burn-in test of all electronics, tank tests to verify the performance of our acoustics elements, and calibration of sensors for pressure, temperature, tilt and compass. In addition, we test each underwater instrument in the ocean before we ship it to you. 

The quality culture of the company is reflected in our daily work, and is based on long-lasting core values, built upon a strong focus on continuous improvement in cooperation with our customers and partners.

We believe that attentive customer support is equally important as exceptional equipment. With scientific instruments, customer support permeates the process throughout, from selecting the right tool for the job, helping you through the ordering process, delivering the goods in time, providing adequate tools to configure the instruments, and to support you in analyzing the data.

Our staff of well-trained technicians, engineers, and oceanographers are here to support you.

To ensure continued improvement, we track key quality performance parameters and have regular meetings, internal or with suppliers present, to initiate corrective action aimed to improve our quantifiable quality standards.

A strong focus on quality in all aspects of business operations ensures that Nortek products comply with the highest safety and approval standards. Nortek R&D, sales and production activities are certified to the international quality of  Nortek ISO 2019-2022

In 2013 also Nortek BV introduced a quality management system. The system is based on the system of Nortek AS and has been adapted towards the production of radar systems and projects work. In 2016 our quality system has been audited again and the certificate has been renewed.

The quest to be both cutting edge and high quality is not simple and there will be times when we fail in ways that no amount of preplanning can stop. What we can do, however, is to promise that we will always strive to follow the guidelines of our quality management system and work with you to solve any problem that may arise. 

These statements are emphasized by a dedicated Customer Advocacy function that will be trigged to solve repeatedly or complicated problems if they occur and to keep the customer updated with the progress in solving the problem.

You can contact Customer Advocacy Dag Skogbrott by phone            +47 67 17 45 29       or e-mail: inquiry@nortek.no