History of SeaDarQ

Over the past 25 years the Dutch Governmental Institute TNO has researched and completed extensive experiments focused on radar and antenna design. These experiments have successfully demonstrated how radar waves reflected from the sea surface contain valuable information which can be extracted using complex algorithms to process radar clutter. This information is very valuable in the fields of oceanography, hydrography, maritime safety and environmental protection. In 2003, the Dutch Institute TNO formed a joint venture with Tech 5 B.V., company designing and building electronic measuring systems. Through this venture the company SeaDarQ B.V. was formed. The advanced technology developed by TNO and the expertise of Tech 5 B.V. was exported and incorporated into industry through SeaDarQ B.V.

Since its formation in 2003, SeaDarQ has been delivering products worldwide using a distribution network and OEM partners with local service facilities. Its customers include Coast Guards, Ship-owners, VTS-integraters and Port Authorities.

In 2011 SeaDarQ has been acquired by Nortek B.V., Dutch subsidiary of Nortek AS based in Norway. Nortek group has an extensive network or offices and distributors around the world. With main offices in US, China, Brazil, Norway and the Netherlands Nortek has enjoyed an annual revenue growth of 20-25% per year. The annual revenue of Nortek AS for the first time hit US$ 10 mill in 2006.Nortek B.V. will continue to supply Seadarq products and aims to provide combined technology solutions to the benefit of its worldwide customer base.


In 2013 the SeaDarQ software and hardware has been renewed considerably. Main new features are:

- New hardware platform

- Automatic Oil Spill Detection

- Integrated coastline database

- The software can run on Windows 7 - 64 bit platforms 

More can be found here.


In 2014 SeaDarQ software version 4 has been released. This version introduced the following main new features:

- Direct control of Sperry Vision Master radars

- Adaptive automatic oil spill detection

- Integration with SeaDarQ Online