New in 2014

A new version of theSeaDarQ Oil Spill Detection system is now available. The main new features in SeaDarQ v4 are: - Direct control of Sperry Vision Master radars - Adaptive Automatic Oil Spill Detection - Integration with SeaDarQ Online

After the large improvements that we made in 2013 you can experience further improvements from now on. Here you will find a summary with links to more detailed descriptions.

Image processing improvements : Adaptive Range Correction

An oil spill may not be clearly visible in an original radar image.  It is found within the sea clutter.  The images below show a spill before and after filtering and corrections are applied.   The image to the right details the the spill just above the center of the image and is a result of sea filtering and improved range corrections methods. In 2014 we have further improved the image processing by making the algorithms adaptive to changes in weather conditions like wind speed and rain clouds. The result is that the number of spills that are actually detected increases but more important, the number of 'false alarms' is further reduced.
Version 2 image
Radar image in SeaDarQ prior to image processing; the spill is just above the centre.

Version 3 image
In SeaDarQ version 4 these images are hardly depending on weather conditions anymore,
 resulting in better detection and lower false alarm rates.


Windows 7 and User Interface Changes

A small but significant addition is that you can now animate the trajectory of oil spills :


Also existing SeaDarQ systems which have the former PC type  (XD7) and older data acquisition card can now be used with the newest software version under Windows 7. Inquire with us about your upgrade path. 

Sperry Vision Master radar control

The Sperry Vision Master radar can now be controlled from the SeaDarQ computer and software. A separate console to control the radar is not longer necessary. An additional advantage of this setup is that the SeaDarQ computer can now also keep an eye on the status of the radar.
This feature requires the newest Radar Navigation Interface electronics v4 or an upgrade to that from older versions. Inquire with us about your upgrade path. 
The newest version of the Radar Navigation Interface can now be controlled from the SeaDarQ software itself.

SeaDarQ Online

The latest software versions support SeaDarQ Online, the easy way to monitor for oil spills remotely, including remote alarms. SeaDarQ Online offers connections designed for integration in VTS / VTMS systems too.
 SeaDarQ Online