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The product range for acoustic Doppler instruments can be divided into six groups, each with separate applications.

Current Profiler
Current Profilers

Current profilers measure current speed and direction in multiple layers throughout the water column. Nortek makes current profilers with ranges from a few cm in "High Resolution (HR)" mode to several hundred meters. Our current profilers are also used as operational vessel mounted systems. Shallow water current profilers can both measure the currents and the wave height / direction for engineering applications.

Current Meter
Current Meters

Current meters measure the water current at only one level. Current meters are simple to use and appropriate when only one point is required, if price is important, or to cover great depths on mooring lines. The Aquadopp current meter is small in size while extremely powerful as a sampling system.



Velocimeters belong to a special class of high-resolution 3D instruments used to study rapid velocity fluctuations in the laboratory or in the ocean. These instruments use focused beams to measure with high sampling rates in a small point.

Wave Systems
Wave Systems

Wave systems measure both wave height and direction, in addition to current profiles. As opposed to surface wave buoys Nortek's wave sensors are out of harms way, and due to this they are ideal for areas with ship traffic or fishing activity. The wave systems are mounted on the bottom, on a frame, or on a subsurface buoy.

Vessel Mounted
Vessel Mounted Current Profilers

A current profiler that is mounted to a ship can measure the current profile while the ship is moving. Ship motion is corrected for either by using bottom tracking firmware that measures the motion over ground directly, or by using input from the ships gyro and a GPS receiver. Nortek's vessel-mounted software takes care of the data correction, and presents the corrected current profiles graphically.

Doppler Velocity Logs (DVL)

Doppler Velocity Logs (DVL) are used for underwater navigation.  This is achieved by estimating the velocity relative to the sea floor.  The Nortek DVL is unique with respect to its modest size and is commonly selected for underwater vehicles requiring exceptional performance.