FIFA 19 has included a series of novelties related to the defensive game

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FIFA 19 has included a series of novelties related to the defensive game

Posted by cheappointssale at March 15. 2019

In order to win, you must also know how to defend in FIFA 19. This does not mean entering the opponent's players, but having the right tactics and knowing how to face any face-to-face confrontation. This is one of the novelty of delivery. FIFA 19 contains a series of novelties related to defensive games. What you want to improve is because not everything is attacked and shot without compassion. Although you like to attack in FIFA 19, you should also focus on a good defense and start from there to make a good attack.


That's why we give you some tips to defend well in FIFA 19, which will allow you to choose the best defensive tactics for each moment, and also know how to win individual matches that allow us to overcome certain opposing lines. . Although they are very dangerous, they can easily get yellow or even red cards, but it has been improved in this new version. They are very useful now, but you have to do it at high speed and aim directly at the ball.


This is the new combat system that appears in the game. Basically, when they have the ball, you have to press the L2 button to fight the opponent. From that position, and considering the different parameters we are going to explain, you may or may not steal the ball. When you defend, you will see a transparent icon on the other player, the second guard. You can press the R1 button and the player will move to apply pressure, giving you more chances to steal the ball.


You must get used to using the right stick to change another player. Thanks to this, if you don't manage to steal the ball, you will always get support. To remove the ball from another opponent, you can rely on other factors, such as the support of other players, the parameters of your own player, or whether it is fast and effective, but you don't need to run. As part of a dynamic tactical system, you can change your defensive tactics in real time.


Because of this tactic, you will make your semi-defensive center slightly recover to help defend. It also helps you reduce the rebate because you can move the team block to the back more efficiently. The other thing to consider is that when you go to attack, you have to build a defender to stay, or all the midfielders mark the man not to let the opponent breathe. And tore offers cheap FIFA Points online for you!

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