Time flies, time flies, in the twinkling

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Time flies, time flies, in the twinkling

Posted by ylq at December 12. 2018

Time flies, time flies, in the twinkling of an eye, I am already in sixth grade! In the life of this elementary school, there has always been a kind of meticulous love that surrounds me and makes me feel very happy. It is you, teacher, you use your wisdom to enlighten us, take us to the sea of ??knowledge; you, teacher, you use your hardworking hands to open a treasure trove of knowledge and literature for us. Everything about this is inseparable from your teacher. The bit by bit of life and the test of time have created a strong relationship between me and you.ber that once you were sick, you still can��t forget to give us a lecture and never miss a lesson. You are in the hands of the class and give us a handful of assignments. When I opened the fifth-grade parent meeting, you asked me to read the composition I wrote in front of the parents. Before I read the composition, my hand was cold and cold, and I squeezed a lot of sweat Newports 100S Price. You know that I am timid, so you call me in front of you and touch my little hand with your warm big hands. You give me a positive and encouragement with encouraging words and trustful eyes. I was full of confidence in myself, relaxed, and fluent when I read the composition - it was for your sake. The composition I wrote in the sixth grade was recognized and affirmed by you. Sometimes reading in front of my classmates makes me not so timid. I have never been afraid of the devil in the classroom - reading the text, I carefully read the text every time I go home Marlboro Red 100S Carton Cheap, and the next day, I always read the text fluently and emotionally. That is the credit of your teacher.refore, I can never leave you, my teacher, the feelings between us Marlboro Red 100 Carton, even if the sea is dry, the landslide can not be divided. Because you are my first mother Cheapest Newports Cigarettes, no matter what I am going to the end of the world, your teaching will always be printed in my heart. Your philosophical words make me unforgettable. I love you, my teacher! On Friday morning, we are taking a language class. Suddenly, the school��s leadership came. He asked the teacher to discuss one thing., and Pang Maohua. I gave it to the leader.t I didn't have my name and I felt very lost. In the past, no matter what activities, the teacher will report my name. But this time, the teacher did not write my name, I feel very strange. So, I decided to go to class and Zhao Yuhui to ask the teacher. I have been careless for a whole class.ly waited for the class, and Zhao Yuhui and I ran around and asked the teacher. When I came to the teacher's office, I asked: "Teacher, what did the leader just say to you?"ing, it's all small things, you are going back to the classroom!"ing the teacher said this, I have not said anything. Had to be depressed and gonemorning, I didn't say anything, and I had a face there, and my heart was not only uncomfortable, but I still wanted to cry.ime went slowly like this. When I was out of school in the afternoon, I and Zhu Danni came to the broadcasting room to help Zhang Ziyang write a manuscript Newport Cigarette Price. After there, chatting while doing our homework. In the chat, I asked Zhang Ziyang: "Zhang Ziyang, did your class have led your class this morning?"

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