I think of this title, then

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I think of this title, then

Posted by ylq at May 10. 2019

I think of this title, then let me talk about the language distance! Looking at a two-person turn, the actor said that it is necessary to distinguish between a couple of men and women. It can be seen from one thing. The same thing, men and women walk along the road, the woman does not pay attention to the pole, the man immediately Comforted and caressed. This is not necessarily a couple. The man immediately said, didn't have long eyes? With a blame tone, this is definitely a couple. This kind of description, I think it makes sense, because the husband and wife are too close Buy Expensive Cigarettes Online, there are not so many guest words. It seems indifferent. This is just like saying that the relationship between us is just polite, but there is a distance. We have a good relationship, so we are often the tone of the order. What do you do for me, what do you give me, as if you can't refuse it, and let you feel that you are not talking to you, but asking you. This is no distance between us. I take you as the closest person, and it is polite to be polite to me as the closest person, but it is polite, that is, there is a distance. Just as I asked you to do something for me, or let you do something for me, you did it for me, I will remember it, but I won��t say thank you very much, because I know that I will do it for you too. of. Thank you, this is a polite word and a grateful word. But we don't have to hang on our mouths too much. It seems that we are not close. Moved in the heart, grateful in the heart. No need to be a guest. This is the reason we are close. As long as you need it, as long as you speak, I will do my best to be at your side. Generally speaking, it is a matter of course. Anything has a process. Just like feelings, that's not to say that there is. It was produced through the test of time and heart. As for the relationship between feelings, it is a husband and wife, a confidant, a friend, a sister brother. We know in our hearts that we must know that the mouth is on the head of others Buy Newport Online Cheap, and that people love what to say, that is not ours. So don't care about what others say. You see, if you see a pair of men and women, hook and shoulders, talk and laugh, you must think that the relationship between them is extraordinary, but I think this is normal, my brother took the sister, the sister took the brother, Isn't this normal? Why do men and women feel awkward and think that it is not normal? Still have problems with my own thoughts. Therefore, don't care about what others say, they know their behavior and scales. The better the relationship between men and women, the more hegemonic, the more rude. Words that are often used in language are not good words, such as: stupid, fool, wood, rogue, bad guy, and so on. For ordinary men and women, these words will not be used. I even feel sick when I look at it more. Usually, I am very polite. The reason why I want to speak the distance of language is that in our lives, you see, but if you have a good relationship, there is no distance between words and expressions Newport 100S Cheap Shipoing From Usa. The way you look is not for you Chicago Cigarettes Prices Cartons. Distinguish, what do you have to do. If the relationship is normal, then you will not use the tone of the order, and you will not say it casually. Because people have no deep friendship, they will be polite, and people will not be offended. Therefore, I don��t know how to deal with people��s half-dollars. Therefore, the relationship is generally polite and polite. The relationship is good, usually in the language is not polite, sometimes speaking, it will make you feel stunned, listening to the thief is not comfortable. Because they know each other, they know that they will not turn their faces and will not leave. Languages ??without distance are usually the most injurious, because they have not thought about each other's ability to bear Cheap Newport Shorts Free Shipping, and they say that they don't care about each other's feelings. Therefore, the distance is close, and it is easy to suffer unintentional harm from the heart. Having said that, it is nothing more than telling you, speaking through the brain, not inadvertently hurting our loved ones.

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