My sister's favorite thing is to go

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My sister's favorite thing is to go

Posted by ylq at January 08. 2019

My sister's favorite thing is to go shopping and buy things Make Newport 100. Every time she goes shopping, she spends no less than 500 yuan, which is a big expense for our family.vacation, my sister took me to go shopping. When I arrived at the mall, I saw Lin (l��n) �� (l��n��) full of goods, my sister immediately rushed up. The first is to buy snacks. Although my sister is an adult, she still has the same temper and preference as a child. I personally think that she is still at the stage of ��Little Adults��. What kind of yogurt, ��a lot of fish��, potato chips, etc. are all things she loves. This time is no exception. It��s just a few snacks Wholesale Marlboro Red 100'S. yuanthe time to buy clothes. My sister always said to me: "You must buy a brand name when you buy clothes Marlboro 100S Cartons Us, so you can wear it out!" This time, she took a fancy shirt, and there were many glittering sequins on her clothes. My sister immediately did not hesitate. Bought it down; she also saw a pair of shorts and a pair of brown high boots (xu��). She went to the fitting room and tried it on. It was really good. It was really a singer (li��n��), and it was called "beautiful person"! However, this set of "equipment" bought, it cost a total of 793.5 yuan. Seeing this, I am really worried that her card will explode. So, I quickly got to her ear and whispered to remind her not to spend any more money, but my sister looked at me with helplessness, as if she didn't want to buy so much. Hey, I really hope that my sister can change her bad habits!te people, to grasp the characteristics of the characters, their image can be vivid, the characteristics of the sister written in this article is very prominent - love shopping to buy things. The article organizes materials closely around this feature, from the two aspects of buying and wearing, showing the characteristics of my sister's love of shopping, and can make a deep impression after reading.he end of the article, I expressed the hope that my sister would change her big hands and feet. At this moment the door is open, I will remember what the disabled youth said to me. I was surprised to say: "What about your horse? You are not saying... Is it eating grass?..."grateful in my heart: 'The horse is not there at all Cheap Cigarettes Newport In Nj. All the things he said are all lies. He only wants to read my books with peace of mind and no distractions... What should I do now? Also, he took my horse's money? Or when nothing happened? ����Do not! No! ...... 'I looked at him with a blank eye, my heart filled with confusion, gratitude Cheap Newport Shorts Free Shipping... I want to ask questions, but the body seems to be deadlocked, how can I not say

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